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Tribe’s Story

Tribe’s passion is creating baby bags which parents take pleasure in owning. The blend of tasteful styling, premium quality and functional design truly make Tribe’s bags The Ultimate Breed of Baby Bag.

Beautifully styled, casual but refined, and made from high quality leathers, Tribe’s baby bags resonate with parents who value and appreciate luxury in a form which is compatible with their lifestyles.

Tribe’s founder and owner, Australian-born and bred, Rosie Jansen, is a former banking lawyer based in Singapore. After spending 10 years practising law in Sydney, Tokyo and Singapore, she left behind a successful legal career to establish Tribe. In following her instincts, the mother of one has created a stand-out and top of class brand which has taken the previously humble baby bag to the upper level of style and casual luxury.

Tribe’s collection of baby bags and accessories is constantly evolving and expanding with new additions being made regularly to the clan.

Tribe was launched in July 2011.


Community Involvement

Tribe is community-minded and takes great pride in supporting various charitable causes which promote the well-being of the planet’s mothers, fathers and children.